Viqana is a brand established at the end of 2016 by Patrycja Wąsik. The idea of creating the brand stemmed from the need to fill the gap in its own wardrobe and desire to create something unique and extraordinary.

Viqana combining the vastly different aesthetics to push the boundaries of ready-to-wear & couture. Each piece carries an attitude- the casual confidence of a woman who knows who she is and what she wants. It will teach You how to have the feeling of “dressed up” everyday and how to make every entrance feel like “The Entrance”.

Throuh the love to beauty including fashion, art, design, architecture, nature od a Women I wanted  to create a brand which will emphasize uniqueness of Women, their passion, power, energy, stregth and will add a self-confidence in every moment.

We always pay attention to the quality of the fabrics. We select the fabrics from the best factories in Italy, France, Spain and Great Britain. All designs are sewn in Poland by local small companies on the highest level. Each piece is checked by deigner before sale, cause I want You to feel special and taken care of.


Patrycja Wąsik – Owner/ creative Director
As a creative director I can express everyday my creativity among inspiring team and society builded for about 4 years already. From designing through searching for unique fabrics, conceptualization of the campaigns to brain storming with the marketing team and at the end seeing You on the streets in my designs. These all gives me the energy to do more and emotions I wouldnt have from anywhere else. 

Designings bring me happiness and unbeliveable power to act. Satisfaction and ssense of acomplishment are the emotiond I feel seeing other Women in my clothes.

As they say… If  Your passion is Your job, You won’t work a day ❤️. 



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